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Live in a state of abundance

Page from my 100-Day Project Journal. Follow the project on Instagram @tammy_judd_jenny.

I have a roof over my head.
I have leftovers in the fridge that I can eat today.
In fact, most every day, I have plenty of food in the refrigerator.
I have fruit in the bowl.
I have fresh water and clean air.
I have a beautiful, loving husband who provides for us.
I have the Internet to keep me connected.
I have money in the bank.
I have sweet, crunchy carrots to snack on.
I have green grass in the front yard.
I have plants blooming and trees and bushes turning green.
I have a car to drive.
I have gas in the tank.
I have clothes to wear.
I have a scarf to warm my neck and shoes for me feet.
I have electricity for the stove, where I can cook my eggs, and for the heater, that keeps our house warm, and for the lights that chase away the nighttime darkness.
I have a house to live in and sleep in.
I live in a relatively free country, where warfare is not an everyday reality. Thank you, God!

My inner whisper said, “Live in a state of abundance,” and I see it and I am grateful.

And, I send prayers and blessings to those less fortunate, and prayers of peace for humanity and for the world.

Love and peace, lots of love and peace,