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Transmuting Whispers into Meaning

Lumps of wet clay

I’d unloaded my kiln in which there were a few bisque stamps among other items. I decided I wanted to test them out. I quickly rolled out a few slabs of wet clay and happily tested each of my new stamps. Success, they worked fine!

As I bundled up the leftover clay to put it back into my clay mixer, I “heard” a soft whisper. It was just a small lump of clay in my hand. I paused. It whispered, “I want to be a goddess.”

Oh! It wants to be a goddess! I surrendered. I began to form the clay into the goddess shape that comes to me again and again. These forms are based roughly on an ancient goddess, the Venus of Willendorf.

Freshly sculpted goddess

As she begins to take shape, she tells me she’d like a crown and a braid, please. Of course. And so she is given a crown and a braid, of sorts, they are pressed into the clay to suggest that they are there. She seems content with that.

She tells me about her purpose of healing and helping someone to connect with their own inner divinity. Or is that only my imagination hoping to energetically infuse the best intentions into her? 

A braid is suggested

Newly formed goddess with bisque goddesses.

As I complete her form, I place her between two of her goddess sisters, freshly out of the bisque firing. They are not yet colored and glazed, just farther along in the creation process.

I find it fascinating how each one of these seems to have her own story, personality and even shape. Just like how people do. Same but different. 

A few weeks later she is glazed along with a handful of other goddesses. I am at a holiday artisan’s market and decide to put out four of my completed goddesses. Before I do, I hold each sculpture in my hand, get very quiet and listen. This one, I “hear” the word “tranquility.” I add her word to a watercolored display card which will accompany her when she goes to her right owner.

Glazed goddess

Although some of this may sound a bit kooky, I trust my intuition and inner knowings. And, my “hearing” in that regard is getting better and better as I practice listening to the whispers of my muses, guides, or angels.

What whispers have you tuned in to lately?

In Joy,


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Live in a state of abundance

Page from my 100-Day Project Journal. Follow the project on Instagram @tammy_judd_jenny.

I have a roof over my head.
I have leftovers in the fridge that I can eat today.
In fact, most every day, I have plenty of food in the refrigerator.
I have fruit in the bowl.
I have fresh water and clean air.
I have a beautiful, loving husband who provides for us.
I have the Internet to keep me connected.
I have money in the bank.
I have sweet, crunchy carrots to snack on.
I have green grass in the front yard.
I have plants blooming and trees and bushes turning green.
I have a car to drive.
I have gas in the tank.
I have clothes to wear.
I have a scarf to warm my neck and shoes for me feet.
I have electricity for the stove, where I can cook my eggs, and for the heater, that keeps our house warm, and for the lights that chase away the nighttime darkness.
I have a house to live in and sleep in.
I live in a relatively free country, where warfare is not an everyday reality. Thank you, God!

My inner whisper said, “Live in a state of abundance,” and I see it and I am grateful.

And, I send prayers and blessings to those less fortunate, and prayers of peace for humanity and for the world.

Love and peace, lots of love and peace,