This piece from created for my 2001 BFA show

Fire earthenware clay sculpture and wet clay were featured in this piece created for my 2001 thesis show

My artistic journey has taken me from an initial introduction of wheel throwing clay to hand building clay sculpture.  As I express myself through clay, I hope to communicate something of what I feel and believe, at least in an ethereal way, to my audience.

I am interested in the figure and in body-image issues surrounding women. In my 2001 thesis show I used abstracted “goddess” imagery in much of my work as a metaphor for the illusive ideal form.

While I no longer work in the large scale such as those pictured here, I continue to enjoy playing with textures, positive/negative space and inside/outside dynamics in my current work.

Working with clay is meditative for me. During my creative process, clay seems to take on a life of its own. I hope some of the magic I feel when that happens is reflected in my finished art work.