Spirit whispers with symbols, synchronicities

Most of my life, I’ve been on a path of self-discovery. It can be exciting and expansive but sometimes it is hard to take those deep and introspective peeks inside of myself.

A day after having a particularly difficult emotional time, and still feeling raw, I decided I needed to walk. It was a pretty day here and I thought while out I might try a symbolic sort of grounding to bring myself back into my body and retrieve myself from stuck-in-my-head land.


Beach along Totem Park in Sitka

I asked women friends in a supportive online group I belong to what they do to ground themselves. With a few ideas in mind from what they’d shared and wanting to try a powerful meditation shown to me by my healer and teacher Robin Hallett, I decided to do a small ceremony at the beach on the edge of a beautiful forested park here in Sitka, Alaska.


Husband , dogs and my shadow on the beach at Totem Park

Even though I felt a little conspicuous doing this as my husband waited nearby with our two dogs, I tried to quiet myself internally. I explained to my husband what I was doing.

With my arms I scooped the invisible energy from around me, gathered it up and pushed it down into the ground in front of me imagining that my energy now reached all the way to the core of the earth where it intermingled with earth’s power. I waited a few seconds then I called the commingled energy back up. It traveled through my feet, through my body, and up into the cosmos where it flowed back down, surrounding my body like a beautiful fountain continuously circling through and around me.


Standing with dogs near the place I chose to do a grounding ceremony.

I stood there quietly for a bit absorbing earth energy and looking around at my beautiful surroundings. I stacked some rocks just for fun, snapped a couple pictures, then off we went to finish our walk.


While on the beach, it felt therapeutic to stack beach rocks.

A few days later my friend Mary, who is also in the online group, asked how I got on with my grounding. In reply, I posted a few pictures, one of them was a picture of my feet which at the time I wrote to Mary that I hadn’t noticed the heart-shaped rock right in front of my feet. She said she could see it too.

Later, while taking another look at that photo though, I realized that, no, actually I HAD seen that rock at the time. It was the reason I had taken the photo of my feet that day, looking down and seeing it right after my grounding. How had I forgotten that?!


A small heart-shaped rock was in the sand in front of my right foot.

I’m going to blame that on my trickster ego self. That fear-based part of me that wants to stay small, that is vested in separation, believing it is keeping me safe. My ego self doesn’t understand a larger truth about the oneness of this universe and all it contains. Ego had hidden from me, even from my own memory for awhile, a heart-shaped whisper from the infinite source of which we all are a part.

Heart-shaped rocks, to me, are like messages from the Universe. Quiet confirmations telling me I am not alone. As if the Universe is saying, “I am here! I am holding you! You are loved! All is well!”


A totem is silhouetted in the trees during our walk

I haven’t always known to look and listen. Oh, I believed in God even as a child, but it was more like an intellectual belief. It has taken a long while for faith to reach clear down to my heart. I have been on a path of healing and becoming whole. My intuitive self is waking up. This is the part that recognizes the messages which come by way of symbols and synchronicities. Spiritual scholars might say these messages are around us all the time.

I’m still learning to see them, and ego is still trying to trick me into disregarding and dismissing them as coincidences. I’m not buying it anymore, ego! Thank you for trying to keep me safe, but I got this now. We are safe and all is well!

What messages have you been noticing? How does your ego try and fool you?