Fall – Time for Consolidating and Gathering

Wild Alaska blueberry bushes

Wild Alaska blueberry bushes

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the colors of fall and the way the air just feels a bit different, fresh and full of anticipation. It is also a time for gathering. My husband and I recently picked blueberries and many of our friends have been out harvesting edible mushrooms from the beautiful wilderness of the Tongass National Forest which surrounds this part of Alaska. Nature is truly abundant.

While gathering fruit for our freezer is satisfying, it was also time to do some consolidating and refining of my art business and its Web presence. If you are reading this, then you have found my new blog and Web site. Let’s just say that prior to this things were kind of scattered.

Wild Alaska blueberries

Wild Alaska blueberries

I had written a few irregular blog posts on WordPress while I was setting up my studio. Later, I took a photography class and wrote blogs on Blogger as part of our assignment explaining our decisions for each class project. You’ll see all of these posts here now. I’ve gathered them into one place.

Technically I’m still a bit scattered around the Web – you know, Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn etc., but here is my attempt to at least bring my Web site and blogs together in one location, albeit still a work in progress.

I plan to get better at this whole blog communication thing. As we’re heading into fall, I’ll be busier in my studio, making pottery, glazing and firing my kiln. Do you have a busy fall scheduled too? What is your favorite part of this season?

Where ever you are, I hope you find abundance. Happy gathering.



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