Goddess – size large – custom order only



The larger clay goddess sculptures (about the size shown at left), are custom ordered and created especially for you.

Every goddess I create is infused with positive vibes and intentions of the highest good and healing. If you want your own mantra used, I can speak your special mantra into your goddess as I sculpt her. This will “energetically” put your intention in place during the process.

Due to the clay processing time and firing schedules, the custom-made goddesses can take up to 4 weeks to complete.

First the goddess is hand-sculpted from wet clay. After the clay is completely dry (this can take a week or longer since the goddess is solid clay), she will be fired first to bisque temperature. After bisque she is glazed and re-fired to finalize the sculpture.

I am so excited to create one of these energetically infused goddesses with you in mind.

When you are ready to order your goddess, please note your special mantra request in a note during checkout. Or, I will be in touch with you via the email you have provided.